Pulse Brief

Founded in January 1980, Pulse has become a diverse entertainment and business powerhouse, valued at well over $1 billion, with interests ranging from fashion to tourism, real estate to night clubs and modeling to concert production, in addition to several other lines of businesses. Pulse became the first entertainment organization to be listed on a stock exchange in the Caribbean, when it became a public company in Jamaica in 1994.

Pulse display the characteristics of a true pioneer. Indeed, the Pulse story is one off firsts, innovation, vision, determination, entrepreneurship, internationalization and resilience, combined with an abiding faith in the Caribbean and its people.Much of what is taken for granted in the Caribbean creative space, was initiated and developed by Pulse over these 35 years, to an extent that even includes areas in which it is no longer actively engaged.

The first 35 years have been amazing. Now it’s on to the next. Share the vision and celebrate!